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We are a UK-based iOS app development agency that provides businesses with top-notch software solutions for mobile phones, based on iOS and Android platforms.

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What we do

Whether you want to build an interactive iPhone application for your customers to increase brand awareness and customers loyalty or iOS software that will empower your staff and improve company productivity, our developers and designers can convert your idea into a stunning mobile application for iPhones. Our mobile development services include everything you might need bearing an idea of building an app:
  • Business analysis and mobile strategy creation;
  • Development, QA and Launch;
  • Maintenance and Consulting.
Our in-house team of professional developers serves the national and international companies focusing on business-driven digital solutions. Developers in our company are taking advantages of every new feature Apple provides. Every iOS update implements new functionality into the smart device and enables our team to solve the most challenging problems by utilising the latest technologies.
What app do you need?
Modern smartphones, especially iPhones, represent smart multifunctional mobile computers which can perform numerous tasks. App development lets us even broaden iPhone’s capabilities customising its functionality to your needs and demands. When you approach our developers, you should have in mind a brief idea of what kind of software do you need, what features it should have, and what problems it should solve. Such a simple question may cause serious challenge for people who are familiar with IT only as users, so let us help you to identify what application you need:
A handy software tool that performs tasks and helps to solve a problem quickly. It can be some simple customised calculator, calendar, notepad, or something that requires more efforts and solves more difficult problems such as financial software, translators, text editing tools, data analysing, tasks setting, project managing and others.
News & Entertainment
News application became not a luxury but a necessity among publishers who want to save their business in the digital age. E-magazines and newspapers use such software to provide their users with their content via iPhones and other smartphones. Usually, it implies social media integration with the ability to ‘like’ and ‘share’ the content. Entertainment apps are dedicated to entertaining users while performing some action, for example, an educational software that helps to learn while playing, or it can be some unique photo editor or music streaming software.
Some programs help to simplify our everyday activity processes, help to solve some routine problems and easily find information on interesting topics. For instance, fitness apps that let you learn a healthy lifestyle, travel programms that help your navigate in unknown places, restaurant web directories, that let you book a table in your favourite place or discount apps that will always find a good deal.
Social Networking
Social Networking programs provide users with better conditions to communicate and interact with each other. Social networking components are pretty often met in a majority of apps. These five groups are summed up version of Apple’ classification with over 20 categories. We made grouped them together to help you identify what core functionality you would like to have and simply need in your iPhone program.
How to find a good iPhone application developer?
Industry insight
Portfolio availability
Full-cycle development
Either cheap or high-quality
Talk to the developers
Finding a perfect iPhone application developers and designers isn’t an easy task. You can’t entrust your business idea to DIY platforms which provide you with a hardly working application threatening your brand reputation. The in-house development team for one iPhone software project will be an unreasonable waste of your money and time. The options you should consider are:
  • Freelance developers;
  • Development company outsourcing;
Hiring temporary workers for temporary work is an optimal solution. Its advantages include reducing cost on working space, equipment and annual salaries with benefits. Besides, you find experienced workers whose expertise and skills have already been proven by previous iPhone project. Comparing individual efforts and abilities of a teamed up group of experts, you can clearly see the benefits of working with an established company which is also more reliable than an independent dislocated worker. Whether you decide to share your project ideas with a freelance iOS designer or hire a professional team of iPhone software developers the search of a right business partner can take a considerable amount of time because it is better to play safe when it comes to the development of your business application. Here few tips on what to pay attention to looking for a software developer:
Looking for software developers make sure that they are not just programmers who write code but business partners who apply their knowledge to your iPhone project providing you with creative input. The good developers should be interested in your business as well as they are interested in coding. Only in this case your collaboration will result in effective iPhone application.
You software UI/UX design is as important as its functionality and you can check iOS designers skills looking at their portfolio. Beautifully looking apps with intuitive user interface ensure smooth users’ interaction with the application. It is a good sign if among the projects you can see the designs that appeal to you.
Application development isn’t just about coding it also requires functional design, excellent user experience, and thorough testing. What plays not in favour of a freelance developer. Look for a company which has a fully-fledged team with business analysts, programmers, designers, UX-experts and QA-testers. Otherwise, you risk having an unfinished project or poorly-designed application.
Selecting a development partner, keep in mind that low price should be a red flag for you. Application development isn’t cheap, and it is a fact. An average business app development cost according to Clutch is about £140,000, an MVP(minimum viable product) cost reaches £20,000 - £40,000. The lowest cost can easily turn out to be the most expensive one due to the necessity to regularly debug it or even redo with another team of developers.
Development of a software product can be successful only if the communication between you and the service provider is successful. Even finished iPhone application isn’t the end of your interaction with the developers. Your software should evolve together with your business, and it can require some changes according to user’s feedback. So look for developers who you can easily deal with and who won’t abandon you once they delivered the end results.

Apple Developer Program

We are certificated members of Apple Developer Program that empower iOS developers with numerous privileges including beta testing, submission to the App Store, app analytics, and what is the most important creating native feel and look utilising all the possible capabilities of iOS. Such possibilities and expertise allow us to build the most advanced, functional and attractive user experience possible.
  • Thanks to our skills and Apple Developer Program, our team can make your iPhone app easy to be discovered by billions of customers all over the globe. Experienced developers use their access to cutting-edge technologies provided by Apple to create not just engaging user experience but integrate functionality such as Apple Pay, Push Notification, iCloud that empowers both your customers and employees.
  • Working with us, you can expect only high-quality end-product which had passed all possible tests before the launch. Apple’s TestFlight Beta Testing allow us to share the MVP with external testers so we can test user experience design to see if it is engaging and entertaining for your customers.
  • After the launch, we are happy to offer your our maintenance services and implement new features according to your growing business needs. Besides, we can analyse your iPhone app measuring user engagement, marketing campaign, and its monetization and according to this data update and improve your program.