Bespoke Business Software to Increase Revenue

Our company offers bespoke business software development services for server-based programs, as well as maintenance and 3d party code review. Thoroughly investigating the needs of your company, business and product needs, we offer you competitive, scalable and robust bespoke solutions.

The Best choice for business prosperity

Bespoke software is gaining popularity all over the world as it caters to every company's special needs. We have developed bespoke applications since 2010, a lesson that has made us realize that business performance depends on the effectiveness of software used to run routine programs.

Personal approach is the cornerstone of success


Uninterrupted solutions are not always able to manage clear responsibilities and business is passionate about choosing bespoke products. Customized solutions take the company to new heights. The owners of these bespoke packages also experienced uninterrupted assistance from IT professionals.

  • Enterprise Software: Web Solutions, HRM, ERP and CRM Structures for a wide range of industries, mobile and desktop apps.
  • Enterprise solutions: retail systems, social network integration, mobile applications and more.
  • Web apps: Web-based sites and programs.
  • Mobile Bundles: Mobile applications for special operating systems (e.g., Android, iOS and Windows Phone), bespoke mobile apps, mobile friendly sites, platform cover services, interface design products, and more.

How we create great solutions

Business Analysis

Experienced business analysts focus on different areas of the industry, such as bespoke business software, and thoroughly investigate the concept before beginning to challenge the most compelling options.

System specifications

System specifications play a crucial role in product development. The documentation for each project is prepared by experienced system analysts and builders who ensure that the documents meet all safety, performance and functional requirements.


This phase gives customers the opportunity to see the look and functionality of a bespoke product. Thus, customers and developers agree on all the major features and eliminate any imprecision in interpreting app concepts.

Agile development

Agile development is a very flexible software build process. Because of its over-coordination, it is used regularly in bespoke plans. Agile technology responds quickly to uninterrupted changes throughout the life of the business.


Business Software


Bespoke Enterprise Software is designed to address the planning of business-critical features, including business issues such as accounting, customer relationship management, human resource management, and project management. The software will help you meet your financial obligations: online payment processing, accounting, automatic billing and more. bespoke software is a customizable suite of applications designed to improve business productivity and performance.

The sophisticated bespoke business systems are primarily based on the cloud platform, allowing users to access real-time information from anywhere, anytime.

Our team specializes in software development systems, HRM, CRM and ERP as well as mobile solutions. Our vast experience in control, health, logistics and finance reports allows our customers to be sure that they can perform any complex solution.

We provide:

  • Accounting Software
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Professional control
  • Sales force automation
  • Workflow control
  • CRM Solution
Why choose us
  • High performance and robust bespoke enterprise apps
  • Reduced inventory and overhead costs
  • Automate and manage your business processes
  • Creating a business solution is more secure
  • IT consulting for each product
  • Accelerate shareholder value
  • Get more customer service

Intelligence program for special needs


Software development creates a unique opportunity to create unique solutions that meet a variety of specific business needs. The end-user expectations for these programs are very similar to those of retail products.

Experienced app manufacturers should carefully consider the following ranges and capabilities when using new products:

  • Document. There are strict requirements for documentation, development lifecycle, updates and additions.
  • Test. bespoke program testing requires a fusion technique because it is used to locate errors and errors, ensure quality, and more.
  • Help system. Integrated help and education systems provide an opportunity to reduce the burden of support teams.
  • Feedback. Enable builders to see things differently and make adjustments as needed.
  • Design. The UI / UX design is a very important aspect because the preferences of most people should be taken into consideration.
  • Updated. As part of a bespoke program, updates help you solve different problems (for example, protection issues)
  • Cloud and social media capabilities. Cloud technology has opened new avenues for data storage and social networking accounts can be used to simplify the registration process for websites.
  • Monetization. Monetization is the best outcome of any development challenge. Thus, developers adopt an exclusive strategy to generate sales.
Construction of full-fledged products

The development of software products is a complex system. We pay special attention to each case, considering:

  • Communication Details
  • Area characteristics
  • Project budget
  • Schedule
  • Market conditions (competitors, customers, infrastructure, etc.)

Custom web solutions


The corporate website is the source of up-to-date information for customers and peers, a platform to sell products and services and is a perfect area for advertising and promotion. As a web development agency, we have the ability and experience to create, launch, and support bespoke sites of any complexity and scalability. We provide our customers with a complete set of website development methods. Our website developers update the latest web technologies on the site and continually advance technologies and methods.

Brand design and redemption

In addition to specific solutions (e-shops, data management systems, etc.), our designers have created a completely unique corporate brand for bespoke websites.

Web opportunities

Improvement and integration
Content management system
Mobile site
Interface design
Quality assurance services
Revision of the code

In addition to customizing the existing open source social networking platform, payment systems and analytics capabilities, we can increase user engagement by developing bespoke social networks and applications that enhance the presence of your business network.

For any bespoke website. We design and support almost all CMS sites. Our customers can fully manage the content. We provide bespoke module development for the most popular CMS.

We create responsive and responsive layouts for bespoke sites that provide the most appropriate viewing and interaction experience for all devices (laptops, phones, or tablets) and all platforms, and use the site as a backend for mobile apps.

We provide user interfaces for UI design and mobile app development, GUIs for laptop apps, virtual gaming environments, and web-based solutions.

Software quality assurance is an integral part of the development process, from evaluation and testing of technical documentation to testing of user acceptance and support.

Reviewing the code is one of the most effective error-removal activities. There is no need to create bespoke software or testing before the code overview begins to reveal the problem. Just look at the code and maintain high quality standards, it is possible to disclose many problems, such as those difficult to use different problem strategies. To be effective, code reviews should be conducted by our professional builders. They compare the quality of your code and provide tips to improve it.

Web Program Testing

Today's Web applications are interactive programs with complex structures and complex GUIs. Web applications are much more complex than simple web pages because the first consists of a graphical front-end user interface and components of the back-end software program, seen by the user. Our team has unmatched expertise in developing and testing complex and customized web apps.

Usability assessment

The purpose of the usability test is to determine the extent to which a software product is known, to be easy to search for, to operate clearly and to attract customers under unique conditions.

Assessment of usability or user experience is crucial to the quality and operational possibilities of the product. We have a professional user experience tester who can investigate the availability of your software and provide suggestions on how to make your users happy.

Mobile app testing

The process that a mobile app tries is basically similar to that of the Web and bespoke alternate apps. However, there are some features to consider when choosing strategies and tools for testing mobile products.

One of the most important factors in mobile testing is device fragmentation. There are also some external elements that can affect the behavior of evolving apps: phone calls and other interruptions, SD card interaction, network connectivity, low battery and more.

Our advantage

Creative process

We are a team with skill and creativity. We like to make attractive functional designs. With advanced collaboration tools, you can observe and participate in every step of the production process.

Accurate reporting and accounting

All our business processes are standardized and formalized. It allows customers to effortlessly view and track all areas of mission execution. We are licensed with ISO 9001.

Professional communication

Every staff member speaks fluent English and ensures a complete understanding between the client and us. Online conversations and email correspondence are recorded to keep each customer's opinions and requests adjusted.

Popular Business Tools

In our work, we use well-known commercial tools that are available worldwide.

  • Microsoft Sharepoint as a repository of Internet files
  • Redmine and Desktime to track and assign staff uptime
  • MS Outlook Server as a system for transmitting electronic records
  • SVN and VSS as Version Control apps
  • TestTrack Pro and Bugzilla as monitoring systems

Maintenance and Support

Software maintenance and support is a key part of the development lifecycle, ensuring robust and profitable solutions.

Services we provide:

  • IT support and maintenance
  • Technical and technical improvements
  • Quality assurance services (Repair of defects, tests, monitoring)
  • Unix / Linux system management
  • Start management and support
  • Monitor the current solution
  • IT Consulting and Engineering
  • New role implementation

Our support and maintenance services are in compliance with international standards ISO 9001: 2000, quality and efficiency are high. We are flexible and adapt to new business situations, and our business processes always meet the wishes and demands of our customers.

Let's get started

Do not hesitate to share your thoughts and needs - provide us with a brief description of the project or technical specifications. Our experts will contact you to understand your wishes. Together, we will find the best solution for growing your business.