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What is the cost of building an app?

App cost = development time x hour rate.

A good way to analyze how much your app costs are to start by researching some of the most famous iOS applications in the digital marketplace. Although there is no published data on the actual costs of developing such apps, the cost of developing similar applications can be estimated. A common and easy way to estimate the value is: (characteristic x time) x hour rate = cost.

Before calculating the overall costs of developing iOS apps, it is important to understand the hourly rate changes.

The average cost of developing iOS applications in the United States is about $150 per hour, while in Indonesia about £11 per hour.




Whatsapp is a robust and complete real-time messaging software: registration, contacts, notifications, chat, geolocation, video-calling, configuration settings. Total development time - about 800 hours. Other prices include UI / UX design, project management, DevOps and quality assurance. All factors will take between 200-500 hours to synthesize.

In general, it takes 1000-1500 hours to clone Whatsapp. For $150 / hour (North America), Whatsapp will cost $150,000 - $225,000.




Many of the key features of FB include:

  • Simple registration and login strategy
  • Synchronization of computerized contacts
  • Text / photo / video sharing
  • Notice
  • News Service
  • Other features include groups and pages

Facebook's many features make it harder to predict the cost on iOS. However, it is still possible to provide back-end and front-end development estimates.

Eat most of the time is:

  • News
  • Video call
  • Speak

While both the chat and video calls are officially separated from the Messenger app, the development costs estimated below include the functionality of both apps.

The individual feed can absorb up to 450 hours. Why do I need to create a lot of food? Personalized freedom.

Chat and video capabilities can add up to 500 hours of development time. In summary, the development of the backend for iOS and Messenger applications can take between 1,500 and 1,700 hours, while front-end development can take around 1300 to 1400. FB takes a total of 2,800-3,100 hours to create. If multiplied by $2,800-3,100 $150 / hour, the total cost of the FB reaches $420,000- $465,000.




Instagram is a very complex piece of software due to image filtering and backend image storage. Many of Instagram's key features include:

  • Account authorization
  • Create / enhance the configuration file
  • News
  • Adjust the setting
  • Custom Pix
  • Social Networking Integration
  • Geographic location
  • And increase the search

In three to six months, spend between $100,000 and $300,000 to build a product similar to Instagram. This evaluation includes development time for functions such as managing panels - which can take 60-80 hours - and other UI / UX projects - which can take 150-200 hours to complete. If a rough estimate of the UI / UX and the development time of the management console is correct, the estimated time can be between 835 and 1220 hours, resulting in costs of up to $125,250-183,000.




Uber, a 24-hour on-demand service that connects drivers and drivers, has a significant market share in 563 cities and cities around the world. A service like Uber should create two interfaces, one for the driver (supplier) and one for the passenger (demand side). Some of the key features include: registration, monitoring, reservation, booking history, taxi type choice, cost calculator, automatic payment, reviews and reviews, status updates, push notifications, communication devices, Facebook login, Support. In addition to indexing capabilities, payment gateways must also be included.

The total time required to develop the platform is approximately 421-526 hours.

Given the much less functions of the driver, the development time is greatly reduced. The total development can be between 308 and 382 hours.

Given the features mentioned individually, the total time to create an app similar to Uber can be around 729-908 hours. Including the 60-80 hours management panel and the UI / UX 160-200 hours design, the total development time can be 949-1188 hours. So the total cost will be around $142,350 to $178,000.


Other factors to consider


One of the reasons, why it is difficult to answer questions about iOS app development costs is because there are so many different features and nuances for app creation. While it is absolutely impossible to describe all the applications on the market, there are three broad classes that describe the complexity of your app.

No web server app
Programs with the web server
Gaming apps

IOS software without a web server do not have a remote data server. They usually show records on different "lists". These applications usually have drop-down menus that let customers choose. Once the user has decided on a project, he or she can provide a second, more accurate list. This person can continue to do so until he or she logs on to the preferred information on the page. Some common examples of iOS apps include a food planner, a calendar app, and an e-mail app. The cost of growth of these iOS applications is about $1,000 to $4,000. Some of the features that may increase the charges for such programs include geolocation and third-party integration (ie, social networking systems).

Unlike the first category, these programs store data on a remote server. The fact that these systems are transmitted on the client and server side. In addition, these applications routinely allow users to perform searches and enter information to produce beneficial results. When you consider connecting apps to remote servers that require programming and more sophisticated APIs, the cost of these programs is higher, ranging from $8,000 to $50,000.

While "gaming apps" look incredibly self-evident, having a price is the hardest category. This category covers the power of simple Pong types and complex virtual reality games. Estimates for gaming applications are around $6,000 - $250,000.

Who plans to build your app?

Internal Builder

You undoubtedly hire internal builders, designers, and product managers to run software development. Alternatively, you can also rent a developer who can perform all three functions. However, as international competition worsens, hiring a full-time, high-quality jack developer can be a risky activity rather than a high price. If you plan to expand a software product, you probably need to hire some developers (iOS, backend, etc.). However, hiring a development team can be an expensive undertaking.

Hire freelancers

Creating an iOS program with an online freelancer is another attractive option - not only cheaper but also gives you the experience you need to achieve the level of competence and know-how required for the project to work. However, there are several frequent shortcomings in the recruitment of freelance workers, such as:

Unskilled Developer

Recruiting freelancers from a traditional freelance platform can feel like a big bet. Not only are most of the technical skills of freelancers unfiltered, but their potential for coordination and communication is largely unfiltered. For example, many entrepreneurs who hire freelancers from this platform complained about these five types of builders: "fake", "disappearance", "waste of time", "determination" and "fraud".

Finding good freelancers can be a daunting task if you're using a platform that does not have a solid pre-screening process to filter out low-quality iOS developers.

Lack of project management

Most traditional free systems do not provide any project management software. Not only do they lack integrated project management tools, they generally do not support popular PM tools, including Basecamp, Trello, Jira, and Asana. Many clients understand what they want but do not know how to control it - there is no useful tool to track the project and the project is more likely to experience a disaster.

Published Task

The issue of "center freelancers" has been rampant in many traditional free systems. What is this "middleman" image? For example, if you post a job on this platform for $100, some Freelancers can bid on the job and republish it for $80 or $60. If these platforms charge 15% freelancers, you can get a work value of $68 or $50, basically only $100. Uncontrolled structures indirectly create space for middle-aged people.

Development company

Paying for a professional iOS app development organization like us is one of the best solutions to do everything in high quality. Many startups choose app development companies because they are packaged. When you hire an iOS development team, you need a coordinator of designers, developers, project managers, marketers, testers and other experts. In addition, many software organizations have numerous reports to help them develop a proven growth strategy to help their customers.

Cornerstones of cost estimate

Other common features that add technical complexity and increase app costs include third-party integration, panel management and use of hardware additives, including Bluetooth, GPS, and barometers. A clear understanding of the features and features you may need will result in the correct cost estimate for you.

When creating MVPs for your apps, you also need to think about long-term dreams. Are you growing a simple prototype so that it is more likely to be rewritten later? Will this app be your initial column? These are all things to remember until you have a cost estimate.

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