Features projects


A web and mobile applications for courier work monitoring. Our client was looking for benefiting from modern technologies bringing to their working process simplicity and convenience. The app he wanted to build was aimed at providing our customer with extra control over the magazine distribution. We were asked to deliver a Web and native iOS applications to enhance delivery tracking within the company. The web system was built for office workers and customers to manage orders and monitor couriers activity. While iOS app was meant for couriers to take new tasks which are more convenient according to the courier geolocation with visualisation provided by Google Maps integration.

Golf Class

An educational application for golf amateurs. We were happy to develop an educational project utilising technologies to make such a valuable thing as knowledge more accessible. Our client approached us to develop iOS app for golf lovers providing coaches and golf learners with a new communication channel. The app let users learn at their own pace setting their own goals with the help of their personal golf trainer. The app includes several types of exercises starting with the Warming up and up to Strength Training. Besides, it has video tutorials with clear voice explanations and professional tips.

Voice Interpreter

Our customer is an organiser of international conferences with guest participants and listeners, and that is why he pretty often face the necessity to use the services of interpreters, but as his conferences have a habit of taking place in different cities and countries what cause extra expenses on interpreters’ travelling and accommodation costs. He came up with an idea of an application that will help entrepreneurs to work from any location making their services more affordable. We built a cloud-based platform that connects listeners and interpreters via their smartphones.


Reviewing application for restaurants and other public places. The application implies the idea of a socially-networking advisor which main peculiarity is that you see reviews your friends left, not strangers. The app provides check-in and geo-location functionality letting users notify their presence in the place they visit. Every place has its own profile where users can upload their pictures and write their reviews. While users also have accounts with a list of visited and reviewed places, a list of friends, and activity feeds where they can read their friends reviews.


A real-time data mobile application for a commodity supply company. Our client was interested in the creation of a fast application that could provide real-time pricing and historical charting for the fuel markets. The project required the handling of a large amount of information both new and historical and its intuitive organisation on small mobile screens. Our designers and developers dealt with this challenging app like professionals and delivered slick, user-friendly app that will help sellers, buyers, investors and financial analysts to react fast and smart going ahead of the competitors.