Web Development: How to establish a feasible online presence?

For over seven years in web development we have been delivering our clients business websites and applications helping to create a measurable online presence and achieve the desired business objectives.
Our team of professional designers and developers knows how to build smart and efficient software products that add value to the business transforming workflow and increasing the productivity.

Our expertise covers:

  • Web Design.

We obtain the blend of technological expertise and aesthetic sense which let us build interactive and responsive business websites which engage customers making them coming back.

  • E-commerce platform.

Our team develops attractive e-commerce platform providing a good showing to the products and ensuring flawless user experience with intuitive navigation of the site flow.

  • Intranet/Extranet.

Experienced programmers have proven their expertise via multiple enterprise-level software solutions. We know how to create a secure and engaging tool for better communication and interaction within the company and out of it helping to enhance the relationships with vendors, suppliers, and business partners.

  • Web applications.

We can help to implement top-notch innovations into the business workflow helping to optimize, automate, and streamline time-consuming everyday operations achieving higher efficiency and productivity.

  • Bespoke database.

Our team can offer a bespoke database development services improving storage, search, and management processes according to customer’s particular requirements.

Based on our expertise, we would like to help your business to be among the TOP in the industry with the help of web development services.


Web development: Why companies should go online?


With the constantly evolving Internet and technologies, web development services became a necessity for a successful business performance because of two major aspects:

  • Customers are expecting to find trustworthy companies on the Internet;
  • Computers are currently integrated into every aspect of our life including business processes and require specific software to meet the demands of companies.

The Internet has changed the traditional way of running business creating a new economy. The presence of the online presence lets small and middle-size companies build a profitable business which can withstand giants creating almost equal opportunities. A web page makes companies more accessible and available 24/7 putting prospective customers just a click away. Lake of company’s presence on the Internet makes customers doubts in the company reputation; that is why corporate website not only promote company’s brand online but also increase its credibility. Online presence helps a company to provide better customer support hence customer satisfaction increasing the retention level and profitability, keep customers informed about the latest changes in company’s policy, services, goods or any other information.

The internet makes companies ubiquitous letting them reach potential customers all over the world despite their actual location. Finally, web development isn’t only about website creation. New technologies customized to the company needs can efficiently optimize the internal workflow. Everything from accounting and data analyzing to customer services can be streamlined via online system reducing maintenance costs and increasing the productivity.


How to choose a web development partner?


As soon as there comes the realization that it is time to go online or to develop a software for the company that helps to overcome existing challenges improving company’s efficiency, there appears the necessity to find the best developers among the variety of software companies and web design firms which exist on the Internet. The choice of the business partner not only about the collaboration but also a matter of the investment that the company will make. The performance of the web application or the first impression of the company’s website can result in either higher or lower productivity that result in respectively higher and lower profitability. We would like to present eight practical tips that can help to succeed in the search for a development firm.

Determine your business goals
Know your budget
Find a company with common values
Check company’s reputation
Take care of your Intellectual Property rights
Look for developers who keep up with the new technologies

Software development firms usually have particular specialization which can be defined as SEO, e-commerce platforms, website design, web applications and many others. You can close in the search on those who strive to meet your company’s needs particularly. Consider your aims, goals and business objectives which can help you to measure the success. If it is an e-commerce project, then you will be interested in conversions rates, maintenance, ROI, while startup website will be more about the brand awareness, time-to-market, good visualization. Looking for the web agency and finding the one that seems to be specializing in your needs, ask to show case studies and examples of their previous works to make sure that they are qualified in your issue.

A software development cost should be seriously considered when it comes to hiring a web company. Firstly, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. And think several times before hiring developers with an hourly rate below $20. It is always about the risk you are going to run with this investment of time and money. Working with the web development agency, ask about their previous projects and what value did they delivered to their customers. If the company has examples of their web solutions that brings ROI and pays off, then the cost shouldn’t become a deal breaker. Think of the value, not the cost of the web development project. A website cost depends on your requirements, features that should be implemented, the design and many other aspects and can vary from less than $400 to $30,000 and more. Average application development can vary from $10,000 to $ 200,000 depending on the functionality and customization. To determine the approximate project budget ask for a quote in those companies you got interested in. Usually, it can be done for free.

It may seem not as essential as the level of the professionalism, but this is the thing that should be considered pretty attentively. Shared views and priorities will help you to achieve better understanding. Are you relaxed about time management or looking for a determined, driven and committed developers? Determine what characteristics should web developers have to fit your company culture. Do you want to work with the web development company which adhere to waterfall development methodology documenting all the project details before their implementation and perform the task on time and within the agreed budget? Or you want to collaborate with agile developers who obtain the versatility and flexibility and can adapt to the evolving needs throughout the development process?

Starting a software project and having no experience in this field, it is important to find a partner who has that experience. It can be measured in years, the number of employees, portfolio, clients’ testimonials. Years and staff can indicate stability and growth of the business which mean the success of the company. A look at their portfolio provide the information on their previous experience and the industries they worked with. Keep in mind, that some clients sign NDA to keep their project secret that is why it is better to ask company representatives about their development cases. But presented development projects can help to determine what company can offer.

Ensure that your intellectual property rights will be preserved. There are cases when hiring a freelancer company can not pay attention to their rights, and when they lose the contact with the developer, they lose the opportunity to make changes in their software as they don’t own the code. Writing a contract, make sure that the website or web application will belong to you providing the ability edit and update it. One more essential thing that will help to update website content is a content management system. Ask developers to build web pages on an existing CMS or develop a customized system so that you will be able to change the content of the website 24/7.

The IT industry is one of the most fast-developing and ever-changing sectors where every year developers face with the new material to learn and improve their competence. It is better to look for a web development company which not only provides basic development services but always integrates new technologies and innovations in their development process, learns new programming languages and can provide its customers with a cutting-edge software solution. During the interview with the developers ask them about the latest technology or programming language they have learned. Or question them about their favorite places for learning and conferences. Even if you don’t know any, you will be able to reveal whether developers are passionate about their profession by their reaction.

Start with a small collaborative project

Create conditions that will help to estimate the development company’s work in action. Start the collaboration with a small project that allows to evaluate the company performance and get a clear idea of this development partner and let this partner-company to approve itself. Starting work together you can see what a real development process is like, how creative and efficient are developers, and how effective and bug-free is the final product. Pay attention to the way the company communicates with you. Are they making the process transparent and clear? Ask them questions and if you don’t understand some components of the web project. Ask why they make certain recommendations. Based on this experience it is easy to come to a conclusion whether to continue the collaboration or to find another development team.

Find out if the company provides post launch maintenance

A good web agency will offer maintenance services after the deployment of the product supporting a healthy relationship. Looking for the web solutions provider, ask companies about their ongoing relationships and how they can assist their customers after the deployment of their collaborative project. Can they offer ongoing aftercare on a quarterly or monthly basis? After launch, you might need technical support and be sure that it will be provided on time. So make sure that company you hire provides such support as a part of their business practice.

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